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    Newzbin2 Update

    Following the enforced blocking of access to the Newzbin2 website by BT in November 2011, Sky has become the second UK ISP to cut off access to the site following a court order. Since the ruling against BT, pressure has been put on the other UK major ISPs to also block the site.

    Sky stated: “We have received a court order requiring us to block access to this illegal website, which we did on 13th December 2011… As and when clear and legally robust evidence of copyright theft is presented, we will take appropriate action in respect to site blocking, which will include complying with court orders”.

    In July the High Court ordered BT to prevent its customers accessing Newzbin2. In October, following further court hearings involving the ISP and the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the court ordered BT to use its ‘Cleanfeed’ filtering technology to “block or attempt to block” its customers’ access to Newzbin2.

    TalkTalk and Virgin have said that they would only act if ordered to do so by a court. Neither TalkTalk nor Virgin has subsequently received court orders and so they have not followed Sky in preventing access to Newzbin2.

    A Virgin Media spokesperson states: “As a responsible ISP, we will comply with any court order addressed to us but strongly believe such deterrents need to be accompanied by compelling legal alternatives, such as our agreement with Spotify, which give consumers access to content at the right price.”

    TalkTalk states: “We are not in principle against blocking provided a court decides. We have received no such order.”