Our Television Group is unrivalled: We work on a significant majority of all British television dramas made each year which puts us in a unique position of being the largest, most active and connected television team in the UK.

We've spent many years building up our industry knowledge and forging strong relationships, globally, with its key players. It’s an advantage that makes us highly trusted advisors. It also means our clients benefit from superior legal assistance and exceptional corporate, strategic and commercial advice. Our team also has extensive in-house legal and business affairs experience which is a distinct advantage when it comes to advising our clients and understanding their needs.

As well as being lawyers for some of the major producers, we also represent many smaller niche producers including many of the talent driven independent production companies.

We handle all aspects of television related legal and commercial work including all development, production, co-production, financing, distribution and format matters as well as specialist script and rights clearance work.

Our intimate knowledge of the television business makes us the industry’s go-to team for all kinds of television media deals and we’ve unparalleled experience across the whole sector advising most of the UK’s leading producers.

The areas we cover include:

  • Rights acquisition for all kinds of UK and international television development, production and exploitation
  • Commissioning, co-production and financing agreements
  • Clearance and content advice (privacy, script and specialists rights and union based television clearance including defamation)
  • Television format deals
  • Music and event based television programming
  • Licensing and merchandising
  • Content distribution
  • All kinds of production contracts
  • General commercial advisory

“Recommended for its expertise, response times and team strength”— Chambers & Partners