Content Clearance & Media Disputes

Here to advise you on all content-related legal and compliance matters

Our specialist Content Clearance and Media Disputes Team has over 20 years’ experience providing pre-publication legal clearance and compliance advice in respect of all kinds of audio-visual, online and printed content, whether it be scripted drama, ‘true story’ dramatisations, documentaries, advertising material, books or other media content.

Our expertise goes beyond identifying legal problems that may arise; we are adept at providing creative solutions to content-related issues, and our in-depth industry knowledge gives us valuable insight into what will prove acceptable to regulators, insurers, distributors or otherwise.

Equally, when a complaint is made about content you have created, we will stand behind you to defend your actions, whether it be in the context of a regulatory complaint or legal proceedings that have been brought against you.

Our valued clients who entrust us with their content issues include a number of mainstream broadcasters, all the main E&O insurance companies, a host of big-name advertising companies, advertising agencies and book publishers together with a range of smaller independent content creators.

Content Clearance

Film & TV

We have provided clearance advice on some of the most successful film and TV productions in recent years and across all genres, including documentaries, factual drama, fictional drama, ‘blue light’ programmes, factual entertainment shows, reality television, comedy and children’s animations. Services include:

  • Advising your team at initial creative meetings
  • Reviewing scripts and pre-locked edits
  • Providing detailed guidance on any libel and privacy issues
  • Providing specific advice on clearing rights in music, video clips, performances, artwork, photographs, and trademarks
  • ‘Fair dealing’ advice
  • Advising on Ofcom compliance, contempt and reporting restriction issues
  • Advising on data protection compliance issues
  • Preparing all clearance documentation
  • On call assistance throughout development and production
  • Advising on the completion of Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance forms
  • Providing day to day assistance and support to any internal clearance crew or engaged content clearance house



Our experienced content lawyers provide pre-publication legal clearance and compliance advice to authors, publishers and insurers in respect of book manuscripts and any other kind of printed content.


Our team provides regulatory and clearance advice to advertising agencies, both large and small, and to brand owners themselves, from major international brands to independent talent.

Media Disputes

As well as advising on pre-publication matters, we also advise a host of media clients (including national broadcasters, production companies, advertising agencies, book publishers and their insurers) on a wide variety of content related disputes. We assess each case on its specific merits and always pursue the solution that is best for the client. For some disputes, that may mean litigation. For others, settlement by negotiation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution might be more appropriate. Whenever a dispute does arise, our clients trust us to resolve it efficiently, cost-effectively and with the minimum disruption.

  • Advising on complaints involving defamation, privacy, harassment, data protection and IP issues
  • Defending pre-publication injunction applications
  • Supporting and advising clients throughout regulatory complaints

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