Lee & Thompson is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

We take our environmental obligations extremely seriously. We strive to reduce the effect our business has on the environment, to reduce our overall carbon emissions and to ensure that our staff understand the obligations we have under this policy.

The key points of our strategy to achieve these aims are as follows:

– We recycle our waste paper. Every member of staff has a paper recycling bin next to their workspace. The paper placed in these bins is ultimately removed and recycled by a specialist accredited recycling company.

– We also recycle our waste plastic, glass and aluminium via communal recycling points which are regularly emptied into council owned recycling facilities.

– Staff are told to ensure that all the electrical equipment they have been using during the day is switched off when they leave the office. Wherever possible staff are encouraged to switch equipment off at the wall.

– The firm uses paperless filing systems and staff are encouraged to consider whether it is necessary to print documents and, if it is necessary, to print double-sided whenever they are able.

– We use a cold and hot water filter system connected to our mains water supply which operates in place of bottled water transported from source and removes the need to repeatedly boil water. This has reduced our consumption of both energy and water.

– Throughout our offices we have installed motion sensors which switch ceiling and wall lights off automatically when no-one is in the room helping us to minimise our consumption of electricity.