Dispute Resolution

Effective negotiators with extensive experience in protecting rights and settling disputes across the creative industries

When a dispute arises, our clients trust us to resolve it efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimum disruption.

From breaches of contract to the infringement of intellectual property rights or threats to a client’s image, brand or reputation, we handle all types of disputes and are recognised as one of the UK’s leading firms for contentious media and entertainment work.

Our lawyers understand the precise needs of this sector. So if complications arise, we can be relied on to devise tailor-made solutions that prioritise the preservation of working relationships and any future projects.

Our skilled advocates and effective negotiators have extensive experience in protecting our clients’ rights and settling disputes across the creative industries. This includes copyright infringement claims, breach of contract claims, management disputes, employment disputes, royalty audit claims and breach of confidence claims.

We assess each case on its specific merits and always pursue the solution that’s best for the client. For some disputes, this may mean litigation and proceedings in Court. But we also believe in pursuing settlement by negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods where appropriate and select our strategy and tactics based on the precise circumstances of each case.

Our excellent track record of successfully resolving high profile disputes means our clients are able stay focussed on what they do best: growing their brands and businesses.

Specialist Areas
  • Copyright infringement claims
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Management disputes
  • Music disputes
  • Film and television disputes
  • Royalty audit claims
  • Breach of confidence claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)/Mediation

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