When it comes to employment law our in depth sector knowledge is exemplary. We understand that talent is the key to success which makes employment integral to business.

We advise on employment matters across all sectors, including TV, film, music, gaming, live events, marketing & brands, digital, design, fashion, sport, bio-tech, pharma, software development, professional services and technology.

From disciplinary issues to grievances, contracts to redundancies we cover the full spectrum of contentious and non-contentious employment issues. Our wealth of experience of acting for both employers and executives means that we are well placed to provide solutions to all kinds of workplace issues. We understand that employment law is a minefield and that every matter is unique which is why we strive to always understand the culture and environment in which our clients operate.

We are on hand to create the right employment relationship, paperwork and environment from day one and throughout the employment lifecycle, which helps to promote understanding, performance and productivity, set expectations, achieve legal compliance and minimise workplace disputes.

From recruitment to departure, we will assist you to nurture the employment relationship, keep everyone pulling in the right direction and achieve your goals through appropriate commission and incentive plans, employee benefits and performance management.

Our pragmatic and straight talking advice will ensure that you can overcome unusual hurdles placed in your path, such as outsourcing situations, trade union recognition, collective bargaining and redundancies.

When any form of grievance, dispute or problem arises within the workplace we help you to put fires out, by minimising risks and liabilities, protecting your people, shielding your confidential information and safeguarding your intellectual property all whilst fighting your corner.

Whatever your employment issue, our years of experience combined with our innovative approach makes us the safe pair of hands you can count on.