Clearance Advice for Film Producers

2nd May 2017

At the end of April our resident clearance experts hosted a room full of film producers to discuss the ins and outs of the often tricky clearance process.

We joined forces with our friends at clearance house, Jeva Films to outline the legalities behind script and content clearance as well as scare/amuse the audience with true tales of how it all could go horribly wrong if films aren’t cleared properly.

Clearance and libel reviews are an everyday fact of life for all producers. It’s a complex area of law and difficult to navigate. Without specialist advice it’s hard to know what should be cleared and what can be left alone, what is defamatory and what isn’t.

For more information about our clearance services for film and television, please contact or

We will be hosting a similar event focused on clearing television productions over the summer. If you would like to attend, please email