L&T talks AI advances on major games industry panel

25th January 2024

With generative AI advances permeating the world of video games production, Lee & Thompson spoke to developers and publishers in the games business at a leading B2B mobile gaming industry conference to offer legal considerations around this fast-moving technological development.

Senior Associate Andy Florence joined a panel debate at the Pocket Gamer Connects London called “Battle of the Modern Age: Steam vs Generative AI”. The panel explored the legal and moral implications of using generative AI, and what games developers should think about when they contemplate utilising AI technology. Joining the discussion were Guy Gadney, CEO at Charisma.ai, Oz Silathar, GM EMEA at Leonardo AI, Andreas Edesberg, CEO & Co-Founder at Sloyd, Serge Landry, International Sales Lead at Ayming and Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, CEO & Co-Founder at Titan AI.

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