Introducing the “NextGen” Producers Collective for the Film & TV sector

7th August 2023


Earlier this summer, we launched Lee & Thompson’s “NextGen” Producers Collective, a new initiative to encourage and support the next generation of independent film and television producers in the UK.  


Lee & Thompson has been working with producers for over 30 years. Every day, we see how challenging it can be for talented, ambitious and driven individuals to make it work in our industry, even for more experienced and established producers.  

According to the BFI’s latest industry figures, record sums were spent in the UK’s film and high-end television sectors last year. However, independent production was down 31%. Post-pandemic, there have been huge changes in audience preferences and expectations, with a growing need to harness digital technologies and delivery. Meanwhile, the landscape has become increasingly dominated by studios, streamers and US high-end film and TV production.  

Combined with a general climate of financial caution, widespread cost inflation and a decline in some traditional sources of both finance and revenue, there is no longer a single, conventional independent production model. All of this has been compounded of late by the US Writers Guild strikes. 

At first glance, it may be one of the most difficult times in recent years to embark on a career as an independent producer. But at a time of great change across the world, independent production can bring with it opportunities and rewards for those who embrace the challenge.  

The Producers Collective has been created as a supportive community for established short filmmakers making the leap to first-time feature and television producers, as well as those who already have a handful of productions under their belts, to help navigate our changing industry. The Collective aims to support ambitions, encourage mutual collaboration, share collective knowledge, back diversity, inclusion and emerging talent, and bring creative people together in a non-competitive, nurturing way.  

We are inviting members to share issues that interest, excite and challenge them and we will create a forum for regular networking, in-depth discussion and sharing of ideas. We will bring in experienced outside speakers, talk through successful (and unsuccessful) case studies and examine questions and concerns raised around key industry issues that affect the Collective.   

Events are intended to take place quarterly at Lee & Thompson’s offices.

To find out more, please contact Antony Swiatek or Luke Carey.