Lee & Thompson Debates Social Responsibility in Ads

29th June 2018

Lee & Thompson joined a panel to discuss the challenge of gender equality and social responsibility against the backdrop of today’s digital age at a specialist Advertising & Marketing Law Conference.

Huw Morris, Partner in the firm’s Advertising & Marketing Team, shared his views with advertising legal practitioners on the stereotypes and negative portrayals of minority groups in the industry.

The lively session provoked debate on the Advertising Standards Authority’s review of the issue, body image and suggestive advertising, the unethical use of stereotypes in children-targeted advertising, social responsibility for minors and vulnerable people and the portrayal of the LGBT community in advertising. The session also analysed the regulator’s approach to tackling such perceptions and issues.

Accompanying Huw on the panel were senior members of the legal and regulatory profession including McDonald’s head counsel and a representative of the Committees of Advertising Practice. The event was hosted by KNect365 Law.