A warm welcome for Inside Pictures’ Class of 2019

14th June 2019

14 June 2019

Lee & Thompson was thrilled to host the latest delegation of the esteemed Inside Pictures course at our offices this week, as part of our long-standing relationship with the programme. The handpicked group of international film industry execs have now concluded an intense week-long opening module of the prestigious film business training and leadership course.

As well as hosting and educating participants at various stages of the programme each year, we are also delighted to be involved with the application and selection of the carefully chosen participants.

During this module, members of our Film, TV & Interactive Content Group also contributed to the schedule of talks. Partner, Reno Antoniades presented a session on ‘How to stop financial closings keeping you awake at night’ and Head of Film Christos Michaels shared his lessons on ‘Business Affairs with Studios & Streamers’.

With our very own Christos Michaels as an alumnus of Inside Pictures, we are proud to continue to support the programme. Christos said of Inside Pictures:

“Inside Pictures is by far the best training programme for the ever-changing business of the film industry. It is at the top of its game in terms of training and developing the next generation of film industry talent. It’s also helping to create an incredibly productive global network for the participants. I benefitted hugely from my time on the programme and I am always delighted to be able to offer support in any way I can. We wish the class of 2018 the best of luck in their future endeavours – whatever they may be.”

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