Film producers round up to address policy research and gender balance

26th April 2019

A cohort of UK-based film producers gathered at Lee & Thompson this month to discuss innovative guidelines for content production in the film industry. Presented by representatives of Erebus Pictures, Delevan Film and Sona Films, the latest Producers’ Roundtable attracted discussion from both in-house and freelance film producers.

Having recently conducted in-depth industry research, the group’s agenda was to convert its new evidence-based insights into investible industry guidelines which could be financially backed by public and private bodies.

As the media industries continue to shine a light on the issue of gender imbalance, Lee & Thompson was also delighted to welcome Maggie Monteith of British film financing and production company Dignity Film Finance as guest speaker at the spring talk run by Female Film Leaders. Maggie eloquently reflected on the indie projects she has invested in through her role as president at Dignity, as well as her passion for backing British talent.

The ever-popular Female Film Leaders career talks programme provides an exclusive forum for aspiring female film executives to listen to inspiring career journeys from experienced and celebrated females working in the film industry. Female Film Leaders is a not-for-profit forum supported by Lee & Thompson, which was set up as a practical response to the gender disparity which pervades the film industry.