Marking IWD 2022 with Meaning

9th March 2022

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day was #breakthebias and we used this opportunity to bring the firm together to listen to some of our female Partners speak frankly about their careers, bias, professional and personal choices, and advice for their colleagues.

Chaired by workplace coach, Dr Jesse Mears, our panel opened up about the gender-related challenges they have faced during their careers and how they are determined to continue to evolve, listen and be role models for other females at the firm.  Nicki Parfitt, Anwen Griffiths, Lizzie Payne-James and Sarah Williamson spoke passionately about bias – both overt and unconscious – their pride in what they have achieved to date in their legal careers, and their confidence that Lee & Thompson is a firm that is committed to ensuring that women are supported, heard, valued and never held back.

Lee & Thompson’s active Inclusion & Belonging Network, led by Partner Huw Morris, continuously promotes diversity-led initiatives in the firm, the wider legal industry as well as in the sectors we serve. It strives to mark notable awareness dates with meaningful discussion, challenging debate and by sharing relevant resources so that all staff can be better informed and aware of their own unconscious bias and related behaviour.  The Network is committed to improvement – both of individual staff members but also of how the firm performs as a responsible business.

Find out more about our work in this area here.