Representing Creativity

About Us

For nearly 35 years, our lawyers have represented the interests of talented individuals and innovative businesses across the media, technology and creative industries.

Whatever the issue, we are inventive, pragmatic, connected, great to work with and you can be assured that we know your industry as well as you do.

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We are witnessing the increasing interdependence and convergence of the creative industries and by providing the full spectrum of legal services to the sectors outlined below, we are able to meet the needs of our clients, whether they’re professional or personal, creative or commercial.

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Our Team

Our lawyers are exemplary: exceptionally knowledgeable and attuned to the realities of our clients’ lives and businesses – an attribute that make them highly valued and trusted advisors.

Clients also benefit from both first class legal and business affairs advice and from our wealth of real-life experience and insight into the worlds in which they are immersed.

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We are proud of what we achieve for our clients and for the industries with which we work.  We are also proud of the achievements of our clients – many of whom are doing fantastic things in their chosen fields.

Sometimes we like to pat ourselves and others on the back for these achievements. Check out our news stories to find out more.

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We like to encourage debate and to talk about the way in which the law moves, changes and shapes the decisions our clients take.

Here we share some of our insights, opinions and advice on a range of topics affecting the people, businesses and industries with which we work.


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